This is a web page for people who find themselves out of place in Corporate America. Maybe it’s because they hate having fake conversations and hiding their sense of humor on a regular basis or maybe it’s because they just see themselves doing something else with their lives.

This blog is an outlet.  It’s a chance for us to read about that one insincere comment last Tuesday which irked us, or that situation (real or made up) from which we had to hold ourselves back from laughing hysterically. Most importantly, it’s here to make sure that you dont forget about that creative, open-minded side of your persona, that dimension which must not be trounced by a 9-5 lifestyle spent in cube, on a swivel chair, surrounded by those who just dont care.

Care to join the movement? Feel free to send any of your own ‘tales from the cube’ or personal comments to us at bascodemama@gmail.com. We’ll be sure to post what we like to the blog!


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