Lunchin on Dreams

Today, I emailed a co-worker about getting lunch. In an effort to explain to me why he couldn’t make it, and that he’d like to come next time, he says:

“Thanks bud (blah blah blah reason I can’t blah blah). But hey! Keep in inviting me though cause it will happen one day!”

First of all….BUD? Dude, don’t call me bud, man. I had to type in the first three letters of your name and hit ‘search’ to even send you this email.

Second of all…It will happen one day?! Oh my Jehova (OMJ!) The fact that you may grace me with your presence on some unforeseen date is EXACTLY the motivation I needed to keep inviting you! If he had just said, “it will happen soon!” I don’t think I’d be nearly as offended.

I just feel like ‘one day‘ is used for more epic, dream-like aspirations you know? For instance, world peace? We hope that an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will happen ‘one day.’ Or maybe, you dream, like MLK did, “that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. (Happy MLK!)”

“One day....I'll come eat lunch with you, just keep asking.”


Good Idea! Here’s a virtual pat on the back which will somehow manage to leave you feeling empty inside.

The other day, one of my managers asked me to review something. Just like any other entry level employee…I obliged with an eccentric level of enthusiasm and a ‘can-do’ attitude. The only change I made to the document was adding ONE WORD to a section heading. Manager responds with comments on my change: 

“I would agree with your interpretation and accept the change you’ve made.”