Me Talk Pretty One Day

One of my biggest pet peeves* is poor spelling and grammar in a professional environment. The other day, I was sitting at my desk working on some spreadsheet or something when I overheard a bunch of people entering through the doorway on my floor. This is a fairly common occurrence, since there are a lot of conference rooms on this floor, so I wasn’t really shaken until I heard one of the managers cry out a confused,

“I thought we was meetin’ on this floor!”

…Was? I thought we was┬ámeeting on this floor? I was stunned. If this person spoke English as a second, third, or even fourth language, I wouldn’t even argue, for that person is a far better person than I for learning to speak multiple languages fluently. However, this person’s first and only language is English, which begged the question: how could a native English speaker who talks like this be hired with this company? Furthermore, how can this person be trusted to be client-facing, to be trusted to solve some of their most challenging business problems, when he/she cannot construct one of the least challenging sentences?

Stop! Grammar Time

*by the way, how did the phrase “pet peeve” come into existence?